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they were talking about the lifecycle of the penis the very center of male sexual health we have created this special timeline behind me to show you exactly how the penis ages as the male ages his penis and it’s life cycle is a barometer to his overall health understanding this cycle could help save your sex life and protect his health it’s the ultimate symbol of your man’s virility and masculinity the penis but this organ is also a barometer of a man’s health and the harsh reality as a man ages so does his penis in his 20s your man is that his sexual peak his sex drive is high and he needs a little stimulation to become erect but as he moves into middle-age his testosterone levels begin to drop and his penis loses sensitivity making it harder to have an erection and reach orgasm and if he gains weight develops diabetes or vascular disease the risk for reptile dysfunction increases nearly half of all men over 40 have a problem maintaining an erection nearly 3 out of 4 men over 70 struggle with impotence but the good news is some of the biggest health threats to the penis can actually be avoided with a healthier lifestyle I’ve got the secrets to extend the life cycle of the penis all right we have a cute of man you ready for answers welcome to the show and people at home Street taking notes as well some answer question how many of you are confident that you know what you need to know about your penis there are typical male experience but often they’re never in doubt all right so guys this is your life and we’re gonna go through all of it today I’m gonna take you from age 17 to age 60 and beyond and here to help you look at the penis through your lifetime is urologist an author of size matters dr. Harry fish wrong guys behind us what is the biggest misperception about the penis in your practice you know men think the penis is maintenance-free let’s face it you know men take their cars in for tuneups oil changes when it comes to the penis they need to know at every age we have to take care of it and do something about it and avoid some of the pitfalls if you will so let’s get you acquainted with the organ that we are talking about I need a volunteer Amy where’s Amy Jamie here’s some gloves for you is your husband behind us over there yes he is okay there sure there’s your girl I hope you see that after we’re done so a matter this is this is look familiar to you it doesn’t look familiar sorry no not that this is there this is not what it looks like normally but this is what a cadaveric penis looks like and I used it for one specific reason go ahead and you can sort of appreciate the fact that it’s got some yeah cool not what you want to be dealing with no but if you look at the end here you can sort of see that there’s some soft areas sort of a spongy area with an outer casing yeah and that’s important there’s the urethra there that’s where the urine comes through and the semen comes through this area here is spongy and it can get very hard and gorged during erections and it stays flaccid when that’s not happening we’re gonna talk a little bit about this Anatomy today so we’ll start off with this basic external appearance but I’ve got a lot of other ways of making this come alive great that work yes this is when your penis is at the height of arousal and recovery and then I can just use a very high tech way of demonstrating this if you don’t mind sometimes this may look familiar so you know you’re 17 you’re aroused you’re stimulated and then pops right that’s not unique and now you’ve ejaculated but what’s amazing not that you did it once but that without too much stimulation again all of us are into it and you’ll go again so that ability to repeatedly ejaculate with very little stimulation not a ton of arousal is what we’re talking about being unique especially when you’re very young now Harry why is that blood flow blood flow blood flow we talk about all the time at 17 the blood flow is maximum it could be and let’s face it when you’re 17 the wind blows you get an erection right

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