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SUPER MALE ENHANCEMENT – Length & Girth – Biokinesis – BrainEditor
What are Binaural beats?
Binaural beats are considered as auditory brainstem responses that usually come from the superior “olivary nucleus” from both the hemispheres of human brain.

The binaural beats are usually produced from the introduction of two separate tones to each ear. The only difference between these pure tones would result to a binaural beat frequency which is generally slower than the speed of sound.

Brainwave entrainment serves many purposes. It can be used to enhance the sleeping habit, relieve anxiety and stress as well as promote meditation and relaxation.

Truly, the science of brainwave entrainment is very useful to human beings because of its wonderful benefits.

How to Listen?
Best with Stereo Headphones, although not required for our beats since we have gone a step further and have added Isochronic Tones to produce the same affect without the use of headphones.

Disclaimer: All our audios and videos are for experimental and educational purpose only. Use with caution, consult your doctor before using them. We do not guarantee results in any way. We take no responsibility of any adverse affect that may arise from using our channel.

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