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Hello Boys!

This track needs no introduction. Its the second time we are uploading the ultrasonic version of Natural Male Enhancement. But its a new and improved version.

Basically it has the same affirmations of GIANT PENIS GROWTH.
Its just that its the ultrasonic version. Three of the people who purchased ‘GIANT PENIS GROWTH were kind enough to test the ultrasonic version for us for the past two months and all three reported significant gains.

What is ultrasonic /silent subliminal audio

The technology transmits voice messages on close to ultrasonic frequencies that we can not consciously hear, directly into the subconscious mind, with no chance for the conscious mind to filter the information, making it powerful enough for subliminal control. Here, we use it for self improvement!

We have found a way to bypass limiting beliefs system of your mind and infused it with positive feelings that will make your mind more accepting for an unbelievable change in size of your manhood.

Track is designed to increase your length and grit of your manhood. It is possible that for some it may first increase in length and later it would increase the grit. For some it may be the opposite.
Please be patient.

Just listen to this ultrasonic subliminal audio for at least two hours a day or up to 8 hours for the next 1 to 3 months.
At anytime you feel that you have grown your manhood big enough, you can stop. If it gets too big then it can get quite uncomfortable!
Please drink plenty of water and and eat healthy food, increase in fiber rich and protein diet will enable your manhood to grow faster and bigger.
You can listen to this track using stereo speakers that can do 20hz or lower, set the volume to an optimum level. When you play this track on full volume, it would sound like some insects, but just reduce the volume to a level that the sound is faint. If you don’t notice significant changes, please increase the volume a bit more.
You can listen to this track using headphones or earphones, but please reduce the volume .

Please stop once you get your satisfied results and just continue listening to the subliminal for just 4 hours a week after the first three months. If it grows too big then you wont be able to fit it anywhere!

We have infused very strong Anti Piracy affirmations, this track is designed to be listened online, if you download this track or you listen to it in offline mode, this wont work.
In few days we will launch a more powerful version of this track that you can purchase along with the regular masked subliminal audio. 🙂

We are really happy to have been able to sell our subliminal mp3 audio files in huge numbers, but we now have to stop our sales for the next week until we get our firm ready with proper registration certificates so we can start selling again without breaking any laws. So our tracks will be available again for you to purchase in just three weeks. We have a lot of exciting new launches planned. Please stay tuned!

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